This is the personal website of Rumsey Taylor, a designer and writer who specializes in interactive stories.

Some recent examples include this visual­ization of opioid addiction and treatment, a self-guided graphic that illustrates rising temperatures around the Earth, and a critique of new commercial develop­ment on Manhattan’s west side. Presently he is employed at The New York Times.

Additionally, he’s written about British film adaptations of Frankenstein, the enduring vernacular popularity of an old French typeface on storefronts in New York, and the typo­graphic signature of genre filmmaker John Carpenter.

If you know him personally then you may recall his affection for in­defensibly terrible movies, photographs of people taking photographs, conver­sations about sneakers, or the New Zealand rock band The Clean.

Elsewhere, you can find him on Twitter, Instagram, Letterboxd, or via email.

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A more comprehensive index of work is available here.

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don't forget alt text lol
don't forget alt text lol
Twisted Pair • a Neil Breen film
Photos of people taking photos